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At Wood Custom Homes, we have been providing quality custom built houses throughout the Houston, TX area since 2007. We specialize in custom designed luxury homes, and have built many beautiful homes in the residential neighborhoods surrounding Houston.  
Visit our gallery page to see pictures of some of the custom homes and other professional projects that we've completed. 
The Benefits Of Choosing A New Custom Home Builder Over Renovating Your Existing Property
Are you living in an old Houston home? While older buildings may be full of character, they are more prone to having difficult, and often costly, problems. If you are considering renovating your home to get the space or look you want, you will most likely come across many new issues when you begin looking inside your walls. Depending on your particular home, you may have to replace wires that are no longer up to code or you may encounter structural issues that were not visible before renovations began.

More often than not you will discover additional hidden costs the moment you get started. Save yourself the additional frustration that comes with these hefty projects and consider investing in a new, custom designed home that will give you exactly what you and your family need at a budget you set. We can provide that very same character you love but with quality that will last you many years to come and will give you piece of mind knowing unexpected issues are less likely to pop up and eat away at your wallet. Call one of our residential builders today to discuss exactly what you are looking for in a new home. We will give you a quote and get you one step closer to your dream home.

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Why Choose Wood Custom Homes?

We pride ourselves on being a top custom home builder in the Houston, Oak Forest and Spring Branch area. Our residential builders take pride in all the work that they do and in providing quality services to our customers. In addition to looking beautiful, our homes are energy efficient, and come with a warranty from ACES Builders’ Warranty. When you choose Wood Custom Homes, you could be assured that you're getting top quality work and expert level service.  

Give us a call at 832-830-8931, or contact us today.  
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